05 October 2010


TNT - Tips and Techniques for machine embroidery was the class I took on Saturday.  The instructor, Kay McCain, sold me my first Bernina and is a friend of mine from Las Vegas.  It was rather interesting because she didn't know I was going to be there. So it was a pleasant surprise. I did enjoy the class, she is a wealth of knowledge on machine embroidery and the Bernina machine for sure. I also met a couple of new people so that was nice as well. Our class project was putting a design on a canvas bag. It is really quick and easy and they would make great gifts.
We were able to do all of our projects on the Bernina 830. I want one!!!!

Unique idea for gifts, just embroidery the design and put them in these coaster holders.

Close up of the hearts on the bag. Applique style.

Completed bag after serging the side closed again.
After this class, my mind was buzzing with ideas on things to get done. Then I came home.  I haven't done a thing since this class on Saturday. I have been hit by the blah bug big time.

Since today is a new day, I vowed to get some stuff done.  I have 3 projects for the local Quilts from The Heart charity group I need to finish, so those are first on my agenda and then who knows what next.  I have plenty of time. Just need to get the wash on the line and then the rest of the day is mine, or at least into 330. So off I go.

Enjoy your day,


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