10 March 2011

Swap Blocks Galore 2

I am finally seeing the end of the swap blocks. I have two more birthday blocks to make and I will be done with my swaps, for now anyway.  I have some BOM to finish up and maybe by this weekend I can move on to actually getting some tops sewn together.

My online quilt group Quilted With Love is having a sew in this weekend. I am hoping to get all of my errands done between today and tomorrow and then spend all weekend sewing. My hubby will be in Vegas this weekend so it will just be me in the boys. Guess is will be quick finger food, they can play outside and do their own thing (they usually do anyway) and I can sit and sew.

Keep in stitches.



  1. I love that star in a star pattern. Is this pattern online?

  2. That DP9 is great contrasting! Isn't piecing blocks just the greatest thing?

  3. All of my blocks came from quilters cache except for the D9P and the snowball blocks. If you can't find the exact one let me know and I can look through my files and find it for you.

  4. I was intimidated by the 9 patch at first until I figured out what path the colors "should" go now I am thinking I might make some more when I get the time....