23 March 2011

Dragonfly Crossroads

I named this quilt Dragonfly Crossroads for many reasons. My mom loves dragonflies, the pattern it came from is crossroads and the trying times my mother will be going through are also what I call the crossroads of her life.

I started this on Saturday morning with the pattern, some tan fabric and a jellyroll and by that evening the top was complete. Sunday morning I cut the backing, basted the layers, quilted it on my DSM and machine bound the binding. I had it in the dryer by 7pm local time.

This quilt is for my mother who is at this time up in Denver (hour and a half away) at the hospital going through chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. She was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a blood cancer, for which there is no cure.  The transplant is supposed to give her up to 10 more years.

So for now we have 2 weeks of pure torture (chemo side effects etc) then we should start seeing a slow and steady progress back to her new normal. She will be in the hospital for 3-4 weeks and then 2-3 more weeks in aftercare. I will be going up to stay with her for 2 days a week until she is out of the hospital and then I will stay with her 4 days a week while in after care, my dad will take the rest of the days each week.

It has been really rough on all of us. I have had to take care of a lot of things while she is up there and though it has been rough it is worth it because I know she will come back stronger than she left.  I just really feel helpless most of the time.

Anyway, this quilt is a crossroads from her life before cancer and chemo to the life she will have after everything is over and done with.

I don't know if I will be able to post regularly but I will do my best. I seem to take a greater joy/need/pleasure in quilting now than ever before. I think it is because it is my time to get away from it all and concentrate at the task at hand.

Here is hoping everyone has a great week and I hope to have something else to show you all soon.

Take Care

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  1. What a great quilt and you made it so fast! So sorry to hear about your mom - sending her every good wish for a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself and enjoy your extra time with your parents while mom recovers :)