02 April 2011

Not Meeting In The Middle

Well you can remember from an earlier post that I was working on Judy's pattern Meeting in the Middle . 

I kept working on it and working on it and kept thinking something was off but couldn't quit figure out what it was.  Well needless to say now that the complete top is done...I do know what the problem is.  Am I going to take it all apart and fix it..NO...it has now become a design decision and will stay as is. 

Did figure it out?......Yeppers the brown was supposed to continue into the blocks...oh well.  It really doesn't look that bad to me....and it will end up being a charity quilt I'm sure.

Guess now I will quadruple check when something just seems out of whack instead of soldiering on.

Well off to do more cutting and sewing and cleaning.....getting stuff ready for a give away so stay tuned.....



  1. I had to look really hard on the finished quilt to figure out where you had varied from the pattern. It still makes a great quilt and your very own version :)

  2. Thank you. I was hoping that would be the case.

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