01 April 2011

Yikes!!!! Half Square Triangles

I was on a mission to do the quilt a long over at Patchwork Times, Meet In The Middle, but I was not in the mood to do another bagillion (well only 144) HST. I have a love hate relationship with them and since Bonnie's RRCB they have been on the hate side. So since I knew these were not totally scrappy I decided to try my Triangulations CD.  Well let me tell you---I finished all 144 of them in less than two hours, from printing, to cutting, to dog ears and squaring up (which there is little if none of that).

Print out from the computer in the size I needed. I then trimmed to about 1/4 on each side.
 Measured my fabrics, I added an inch total and it was really close, layered them RST, put print out on top, took to sewing machine and followed the lines to sew, and voila...DONE

Followed the cutting lines and here you go.  It was kind of a pain to take out the papers but in reality those few minutes were nothing compared to having to cut everything another way.

I will definitely keep this method in mind for down the road when more of those pesky little creatures appear.

Stay tuned for more pics of my Meet in the Middle.


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