11 April 2012

I Finally Did It

After almost a year, I finally did it.  I loaded my mid-arm and played with it.  It really wasn't as bad as I thought.  Well...once I got off the frustration and tears of 2 hours of trying to load the practice pieces on there...can anyone say stubborn.

I had trouble when I first turned on the machine....like it was going by itself and I couldn't figure out how to stop it....then I remembered the handles in the front with the black and red buttons on it...duh...I only unplugged and plugged in twice before I remembered.

I had a few tension issues but then once I figured out how to put the thread in properly and set the top tension to 7 (my regular machine is 5-6) I was making progress.

Bad tension for sure...you should have checked out the back....horrible.

Ok ...I'm catching on now

Just playing around now. It is much easier to free motion that is for sure. 

I have not almost loaded a quilt....I forgot how to load one again so I spent 45 minutes figuring that out and now the batting bar is coming apart so I have to wait for hubsters to come home to fix that then I can get busy..top and back are loaded. 

I hope I don't have too many problems when I go to quilt since this is my QOV4 for the year.  I will show that later.  It turned out nice I think considering it was a quickie.

Well off to rest after a full day of sewing.


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