14 April 2012

I'd Rather Be Quilting

I would rather be quilting than doing what we are getting ready to do.  We will be spending part of every weekend for the next couple of weeks, weather pending, fixing the yard. 

I can honestly say I would rather clean toilets everyday of the week than work in the yard.  I hate getting dirty. I don't like dirt in my nails. I don't like the sweat. I don't like the sun beating down on me. I hate working in the yard...but....a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

The last two weekend my husband put these bricks in.  We are trying to keep the rocks from shifting downwards.  We have to fill it with rocks and smooth is out and this section will be done.  My mom suggested I take out the rock between and plant flowers.  There will be rock in there soon.

Here is a view from the front porch..there used to be grass in there but the hubster and kiddos took care of that real quick. Those bushes along the side walk out there will be removed and the trees that you can see the shadows of will be removed as well..one is dead the other almost.

The kiddos already pulled the wood that was the border between the rock and used to be grass area.  We will be expanding the rock to where the bushes are, and yes the bush on the right is history too,  and up into the dirt area.  We will end up with a circle in the center of the dirt section that we will section off and put and island of grass there.  I would do all rock but since this is my mother's residence will be doing what she wants.

This is the other side of the driveway. I will be filling this area up with flowers.  I plan on buying some of those lay out strips and filling this sucker full. I will also be cleaning out and fixing the other sections along the fence which also goes down the side of the property in an L.  Those will be my only concessions, well except for little ones garden in the back, to getting dirty in the dirt.  There are quit a few pots that I will plant some flowers in and spread around the yard in the 10 tons of rock that will be laid down. 

The flowers above have bloomed beautifully since this picture was taken. I am expecting any day to going out there and seeing them gone,  the deer love to come around chomp on those puppies.

Off I go....uugghhh\


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