09 April 2012

Design Wall Monday 4/9/2012

I have been really busy for the last couple of weeks but I am hoping that even with all the chaos going on I can get back to blogging.

I finished the following 2 samples for the store,  luckily they didn't take very long. I also finished my 10 Dear Jane blocks for the month and a couple of Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks as well.  I even finished a schnibble top which will hopefully be a class starting in July.

I made this one up in an afternoon.  Picture is not that good..I really need to get better at it.  I think I it is called Sugar Blossoms but I don't remember. 

This one is made with Hello Luscious fabrics and that is the pattern name as well.  This one uses a jelly roll and some yardage.  It was really easy to go together. I love all things Basic Grey so that was why I was given this sample.

Here is another picture.  It was too big to hang on the clothes line to I had to wrap it a little bit and then of course the wind picked up.

Don't you just love the dirt area underneath the clothes line.  That area is on our project list for this summer we have a bunch of paver like things we are going to put under there once we clear it out and get the paver sand. I have this area, re-landscaping the front yard and the youngest wants a garden so that will be on my list for the next month.  The ironic thing is I absolutely detest working in the yard.  I hate getting my hands dirty and yes I admit I am lazy.  But we had a garden growing up so I want him to experience as well and he brought up the idea, and is way stoked.

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  1. Gardens are wonderful. If he gets into it and you have fresh veggies, you will love it!

    We just did a zig zag quilt along on my blog! Love yours.