30 April 2012

Design Wall Monday - 4/30/12 - Sylvias Bridal Sampler (SBS)

I start teaching a class in the fourth quarter this year, Sylvia's Bridal Sampler.  It is only 140 blocks and they are 6'' which right now seems tiny in comparison to my DJ.  I decided with this class I wanted the quilt done beforehand, especially since I will still be doing Dear Jane (we will be doing DJ a year in June and I am having a hard time staying interested in it...good thing I have the students to keep my on my toes), anyway I finally decided on the fabric so I am hoping this week to get started on it.

I had wanted to start it a couple of times in the last few days but I told myself I couldn't until I finished my DJ blocks, and after a 2 hour paper piecing session for one block they almost didn't get completed.

We picked browns, blues, greens and pinks and my backgrounds and sashings will be scrappy creams.

The bottom one is the border and the green is the sashing.

I did this block when I started this a couple of weeks ago and then decided it would be better to have the border first and then match the blocks. I really hate when I can't find a border to match and since we may have kits for this at work it was just easier to start over.  I originally had 4 blocks done but my colors were a little to bright.  What can I say it seems I am a bright girl working in a pastel shop.

This is the border fabric we chose and I actually like it. I think this will be a very pretty "girly" quilt, which I am really not one of but what the heck sometimes we need to step out of the box.

Hopefully I can show some progress on these blocks soon.  I would like the class to start in September so I need it done and quilted before then. 


PS. This quilt will be right up there with my DJ, which will take a little over 2 years.  SBS will be 5 blocks a month so that will be a little over 2 years as well.  Gotta love the job security.


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  1. The fabrics you chose are gorgeous. Sounds so fun to have an ongoing class like that to attend!

  2. Very girly and pretty! I'm not a girly type either, usually, but you can't beat a great floral for charm and bringing a smile!

  3. Love the fabrics - what a committment!!!!

  4. a very pretty quilt and the fabrics you have will look lovley. I love long term projects and 6 inch blocks are so much fun. The DJ still scares me and I absolutely hate applique so I think I will pass on that one. :)

  5. I don't like applique too much either...I'm getting better but I am still impatient with it..

  6. Wow you are going to be doing a lot of work in the next few months. Your fabric choices are beautiful! Look forward to seeing the finished quilt!