13 November 2012

Applique with help

As most of you know I am working on Dear Jane and have been for 18 months now.  I also started Sylvia's Bridal Sampler in September and sometimes I wonder what the heck I was thinking.  Not to mention I start A Year of Schnibbles in January.  Yes, that ends up being 3 classes a month I teach or facilitate as I like to say.

I have tons of applique blocks and I am just running around crazy trying to get them done.  I am really slow at it and am still not patient enough to get them to come out awesome.  Which leads me to these awesome blocks. 

My lovely co-worker Mrs. A volunteered to help me with some of them.  These are the three I picked for her to do (after looking at some of the others I have to do I should have given her more..lol).
She loves handwork and does awesome applique.  Needless to say a big thank you went out to Anita and I now have 3 more to add to my finish pile.


  1. You need to slow down Baby Girl! Mrs. A is wonderful to help! But you cheated! Guess I do too, since our son cuts all my blocks out! HA! See ya Saturday! Momma B!

  2. LOL - I didn't cheat I just implemented a helpful tactic..lol