14 November 2012

Ready For A Mystery

As most know Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville hosts a mystery every Thanksgiving.  I finished Orca Bay (except the Binding), Roll Roll Cottonbowl top complete, and those are the only 2 I have participated in so far.  Anyway, a new one starts next week, Easy Street. So of course I had to get my fabrics all ready to go. I just have to decide on a gray.

I also finally finshed my bow tie blocks piecing, well I think I am done.  I still have some fabric left but I want to wait and see how many more I need or if I need more.  I coudln't believe how many I ended up with.  I have been working on them for over a year. 

I took the final tally before taking them out of their groups of 10 and throwing them in a bucket to start pieceing them together.

Can you believe I ended up with 664 of these little suckers.  I started sewing them into rows of 3's so I can make 9 patches out of them. Of course I couldn't remember the orientation of them to save my life so for every 2 I sewed together I ended up frogging about 10. I think I am now on a roll and have it figured out. I will sew my rows of 3, add to a basket and then after full pin together into 2 rows etc..etc until I have my 9 patches at that point I will move it from leader and ender to quilt put together status.  In the mean time I better start thinking of another project to make as my leader and ender.  I will really miss these.


  1. I'll be buying the rest of my Easy Street fabrics tomorrow and Saturday. Not so sure I want apple green or not. But looking at your fabrics, maybe I will! Love your bow ties! Momma B

  2. I too am excited for Bonnie's mystery! I just got my Bow ties into a flimsy..can't wait to get it quilted...finally a quilt for me! Love your cheddar fabric..I did mine in a solid and I really like yours!
    Aren't you doing Bonnie's next leader ender...SPOOLS. I have about a dozen of those made already and a zillion cut out!

  3. No. I decided to skip the spools this year. I am going to finish up the bow tie and then work on some leader and ender patchs for the tree quilt she did. The name escapes me...