26 November 2012

Design Wall Monday 11/26/2012

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  Now, the chaos reigns until Christmas.  I hate the extra traffic and the crazy people but what can you do.

I actually had the whole weekend off and didn't really get to sew except Saturday and Sunday but that was better than not being able to at all. I have to work the next three days and then a 3 day breather until my 7 work day stretch. I don't think I will be getting a lot of sewing in that time but who knows.

I finally finished my first two rows of Sylvia's Bridal Sampler so I put those puppies together. It is kind of weird looking up the stairs now and seing this quilt instead of Dear Jane. No, I am not done with it but I only have a few rows left so it is easier to see laying across the quilt frame. Well, actually the real reason is I was tired of have Sylvia's blocks all over the place and needed a place to put them.

The top half.

Wonky picture, but the only way to view all of the blocks.  The blocks are longer than my design wall so the last row hangs down.
The top half.
The bottom half.
I think I may have to get a new design wall soon. My flannel is shredding to pieces on these inexpensive table cloths I bought. Maybe I will just wait until after we move next year.


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Have a great day everyone,




  1. Love the colors! I know what you mean about the design wall. mine is 88 inches by 88 inches and still seems to small sometimes. Mine is foam board wrapped with white flannel and I need a ladder to get to the top put I and push pins in to hold heavy tops for review!!

  2. Love the blocks, and SBS, but before you go much further take a good look at the second column, second block.... Notice anything? ;) a fresh set of eyes is a good thing sometimes!

  3. Well dag nabit, guess I will be doing some frogging...I do need another set of eyes or 2 or three...thanks for noticing

  4. Nice Progress on your SBS. Hope the frogging goes well. A piece of Sound board from Home Depot is the best Design wall with Flannel stapled onto it. Pretty cheap too.