22 February 2013

On The Needles 2/22/13

I'm back...well for this week anyway. I have been knitting during the move but not very much.

I have started another project though.

I am still working on my sock.  I just get side tracked with other things..like new projects..or applique that has to be done.

I started a honey cowl, almost done with that. I would really like to finish that soon. I just love, love, love this yarn.  It is Misti Alpaca, 83% cotton, 17% silk.  I really want to get me some more. It is really not as pink as this photo.  It is more fall autumn colors.

I then started a temperature scarf. It will be in a 8 rainbow colors. I have been keeping track of the temperature since the beginning of the year. I told my self I wouldn't cast on until the cowl was done but that didn't work too well. I have only done a couple of rows.  So I need to get going with that so I can finish that on time at the end of the year.

This scarf changes color depending on the temperature for the day. I have gone by increments of 10 degrees (I think). So the gray is the separator and then goes from blue all the way to yellow. Of course I have only done a couple of days here. I will end up doing 2 rows of seed stitch for every day of the year. I have a lot of catching up to do, almost all of Jan. and all of Feb.

I really need to get these projects done as my list of what is next is getting longer. I have another cowl, tons of socks, a summer sweater for me (a first attempt) and a kimono type cardigan for my mother (who has already asked me if I have started it yet)....I just need more time in the day or more days in a week. Unfortunately my time will be shortened since I have a heavier than normal work schedule next month..just let me say I hate taxes and furloughs.

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  1. I love the sock yarn--great color. Have a fun week end knitting.

  2. Fun! I'd seen the weather scarf but not the temperature one. Your cowl is going to be very pretty. That pattern is on my list.