01 April 2013

Get It Done - April

Well I made some progress from my March list

My list for March--- Quilting

1. Complete 10 Dear Jane Blocks. - I completed 17 blocks..but that was mainly to get caught up with my Get It Done posts.
2. Complete 5 Sylvia's Sampler blocks- Did not complete..worked on DJ instead.
3. Quilt and Bind Decoy Schnibbles for April Class - Completed and hanging at the shop
4. Cut, Sew, Quilt, Bind Schnibbles for May Class - Cindy Lou Who - Cut and sewn only
5. Finish Vista 1 sampler for work. - Finished and hanging at the shop.

March --- Knitting

1. Plain yellow sock number 1 finished. - Not done..think I will be tinking these..don't like the heel.
2. Honey Cowl finished. - Finished..yeah...

Vista 1

Now...my lists for April
1. Dear Jane - 10 blocks (I think I can, I think I can..I am almost done)
2. Sylvia's - 5 blocks
3. Spring Hill - 168 flying geese need to be made
4. Bind Orca Bay (UFO # don't wanna know)
1. Pooling sock challenge sock 1and 2...
2. Back of mom's cardigan
I don't know if I will get to all of this but I can only hope.  Spring football is in full force, this time for both boys. So between 5 day a week practices and games on Saturday who knows. Hubster starts school again this week and I work 4 days a week every week this month it will be crazy.  Maybe I should give up TV and the computer all together. I would probably get more done..
Have a great week everyone and to check out more Get It Done posts head on over to Judy's.

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