03 April 2013

I really have been busy...kinda

I really have been busy for the most part. I just get tired of only sewing Dear Jane and then not having anything else to blog about but Dear Jane..so I just stay away.  It is kind of crazy because I do the same with sewing...I don't want to work on DJ anymore but I have to for class so I procrastinate until I have less than a week left and then force myself into the sewing room. Unfortunately I haven't been sewing alot becasue of this either.

Good news is I do love my DJ (even though I am super tired of it) and I only have 3 more months to go.  I am going to push to be done in June instead of July.  I just need a break from it for sure.  I want to be able to go sew crazy chain piecing quilts tops for a while that is for sure.

Anywho...I finished by last DJ for the month and decided to work on my FQS BOM that I had been keeping up with until the move.  I had 3 blocks to do so that is what I did..for some reason though I misplaced my picture of the 3rd block..hmm

For some reason the last one took me forever. I couldn't sew the rows together correctly to save my hide..after a number of attempts and unsewing it is done.

Have a great day everyone,



  1. Be sure to hook up with Sinta's BOM Rehab -- you deserve the accolades!

  2. I'd loved to have been in class yesterday! I'll probably miss Junes DJ class. SIGH! Momma B!