22 July 2013

Design Wall Monday 7/22/13

I thought I was done with samplers. I was wrong. I have Sylvia's in progress and I am starting on two more.  Call me crazy that is for sure.

Here is the first few blocks of Pony Club, it is as I like to call it Farmer's Wife 2.  I may be teaching this class next year but haven't decided yet. These blocks seem huge to me. They finish at 8". So far I have used scraps only, which I like.

Fishing Boat (fb)

Home Treasure (ht)
Pleasant Paths (pp)
I had been working on about a block a day when I had time. I did this one and then realized it was wrong, go figure. I had to do it again of course and I just love set in seams...yeah right.

North Star (ns)
Pony Club only has 90 blocks so it will seem like nothing after DJ and Sylvia's other than the fact that these have a lot of paper piecing and set in seams. Oh well.
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  1. Oops, I see that I'm not the only one to get mixed up making blocks. There's a New Book coming out by Jennifer in September, just FYI. The Loyal Union Sampler only has 121 blocks this time. I think I'm CRAZY to think about starting it. I'm in good company, I know.

    1. I pre-ordered it and will be probably start that one then. So I am in a hurry to get this one done...lol