12 July 2013

On the Needles 7/12/2013

With Camp Loopy in full swing I actually have and on and an off the needles. A rare occurrence since I am a slow knitter.

I finished Camp Loopy 1 which was a scarf. I was really excited because I actually finished a week early.
This is the mediation infinity scarf off of Ravelry. I really enjoyed making this and of course I learned a couple new stitches.
I am using this yarn.

This is my Camp Loopy 2 project. I have to use at least 500 yarns and a pattern that had over 100 projects found on Ravelry. So of course I still need simple so here you go. I chose to do Gathered Scarf it does have some new to me stitches as well. For some reason  I don't find this one as enjoyable as the last one. I think it is because I have to pay more attention since it is a 13 row repeat that I can't seem to memorize. The infinity scarf was a 2 row repeat and I got that one done pretty quick. I also have to use 2 needle sizes on this one and it is a small pain going from a size 4 back up to a 7 with a kfb but I will get r done. I just hope I can have a week break with this one as well. Especially since my quilting/sewing time seems to suffer a bit when I am knitting so much.
On a lovely side note. I was knitting the other night while the Colorado Rockies were playing and my husband looked over at me and said "It just occurred to me that you have become my knittress."  I just smiled and kept on knitting..gotta love that man.
For more needle ideas head on over to Judy's.
Have a blessed week everyone.


  1. I've got that same gathered scarf lounging in a bag somewhere.......

  2. lol...if it wasn't for camp loopy this one may have ended up the same way.