09 August 2013

On The Needles 8/9/13

I am slowly but surely working my Camp Loopy 3 project. I was doing good then realized I didn't like the way the sides were turning out so before I had to change colors I ripped out and started over. I now feel like I am way behind.

I have one row left on the second color then I can move on to the third. I really hope I can power through this and get it done. My fingers hope so to.

This will have a total of 7 different colors in it. Not bad for a simple baby blanket. It is times like these I really wish I knit quicker. Don't think it will happen anytime soon though.
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  1. Looks very pretty! Interesting that so far this week blue green is THE color. LOL

  2. Looks great! You're doing very well! Momma B

  3. Thanks everyone. I didn't realize the aquas were so popular this week. I am now moving on to the 4th color and am heading more towards the grays. Can't wait to be finished with it.