12 August 2013

Design Wall Monday 8/12/13

Still chugging along. I did a couple more blocks yesterday before stopping watch my niece. I then went up and knitted and knitted and knitted.  I will get it done come hell or high water that's for sure.

I have 16 blocks of my Short Story Schnibble's done. I am hoping between today and tomorrow to finish them up and then I can get the top done.
Still need to come up with a name for this one. Pink lemonade, Tequila sunrise. Who knows.

I am off most of this week but have chauffeur duty.  Soccer tryouts every night and football practice every night. It is back to cooking dinner and piling in the fridge until they come home and ravage it. I always feel weird cooking dinner at home alone then shoving it in the fridge but what else can you do.

I did get my next batch of Sylvia's blocks done too..still not liking those set in seams.

Churn Dash

54-40 or Fight

Bride's Bouquet

Glorified Nine Patch (applique style)

Farmers Daughter
Making progress slowly but surely. I have 64 out of 140 done and 2 of the applique blocks in progress. Good news is I am really not getting tired of this one yet. Unlike Dear Jane. 
For more inspiration head on over to Judy's.


  1. Your Sylvia's blocks are such a soft color. Keep doing them. The Loyal Union Sampler is Jennifer's next pattern book. Your thumbnail looked more curvy, I like the curve effect of the spools you are making.

  2. I already pre-ordered the book. That will be my next project. May end up teaching at the store don't know. The Sylvia's is a really soft looking more girly girl..not my usual cup of tea but it is nice to do something different.

    Didn't pay attention that the blocks I'm working on look like spools. I must be out of it.

  3. Oh my gosh ... I love the prints you're using with the Sylvia's blocks -- such pretty colors! The Bride's Bouquet block is gorgeous!! :)

    1. Thank you. Although that block was a little pain with the set in seams, but using a lot of starch helped for sure.