21 February 2014

On the Needles 2/21/14

I have been really busy these last two weeks but it doesn't seem like I have been doing much. Between the weather and the kiddos my life has not been my own.

I am almost done with my first attempt at a sweater. I have one sleeve left. I keep telling myself that a one sleeved sweater will not be a fashion statement.

My goal is to get it finished this weekend. I have a Loopy Ewe package coming with the spring challenge and I only have a month to finish it. That is usually a really short time for me and I have to really work to get it done.

I'm also working on some applique so my time to sit and knit is split and makes it that much harder.

I also re-started the Kimono Cardigan for mom but for some reason it looks really small. I did a swatch and had to change needles but I may have to look at it again. Of course I also decided to start on a front panel vs. the back like before because it was smaller but this looks tiny. May have to put that on the back burner until the challenge is done.

Off to teach a Hexie class then home to sew and knit.

For more knitting ideas head on over to Judy's.



  1. Love the colors in your sweater. Good luck getting it finished this weekend. Happy Appliqueing, too!

    1. The only thing keeping me going is the lovely color. Well, that and I don't really want to give a one armed sweater to my niece as much as I would really, really like to.

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    1. Thank you. It looks pretty good from a distance anyway. I figure it is for a 3 year old and it is my first one and the yarn was inexpensive to it was worth a try. I can say it might be awhile before I decide to make another one.

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    1. I did Applique D7 but I am done with that. I am now working on Jo's club appliqueing the leaves, berries then the baskets. I will show that on Design Wall Monday.

  4. D7 bites. I'm going to machine appliqué it one day this week. You don't want to see the 1/4 I machine sewed on that block. Just trust me on that.