07 February 2014

Yarn Report 2/7/2014

I was on a roll. I was being a good girl. I really was. Then I fell in hate with a yarn. Not a slow dislike, disdain, annoyance but a deep hate. It was slippery. It was static filled. It was chalk board screeching annoying. So, what is a girl to do? Well, find some yarn that she wants to use instead, order it, then decide she might as well finally order the other yarn she has been wanting as well.

We all know that one can never have enough yarn.

So I finished my Scaptastic Hat which is about 355 yards (it probably less but for my creative accounting purposes it will work.)

Dream Club - Feb - 1 skein/355yds

Kimono Cardigan - Wool of Andes Superwash in Merlot from Knitpicks 12skeins/1320yards.
Triangle Cardigan - Wool of Andes Bulky from Knitpiks 15skeins/2055 yards.
So the new totals are as follows...oh I have a lot of knitting I must get done.

Used this Week: 1 skeins
Used this Year: 2 skeins
Added this week: 28 skeins
Added this Year: 31 skeins
Net Used this Year : -29 skeins (It looks the same as our weather here)

Used this Week:  355 yards
Used this Year: 755 yards

Added this week: 3735 yards
Added this Year: 4765 yards
Net Used this Year : 
-4010 yards (must get knitting)

Reminder red is bad. 

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  1. 'chelle, is that hat pattern on Ravelry?

    1. Why yes darling it is. Scraptastic Hat. On my agenda to make one for the sailors.