07 February 2014

On The Needles Friday 2/7/2014

I didn't get to post last week because it was crazy here. Cold weather, snow, more snow, school delays, school closures, snow, snow and well you get my drift. LOL.

I finished my Scaptastic Hat and I absolutely love it. I used Hand Maiden in Walnut.
I really need to find a better way to display these things. 3 jelly rolls under this makes it look kind of weird.

I love, love, love the yarn. I can see some more in my future.
I also started a sweater, first time ever, for my niece. I am figuring it out as I go. I did rip out the beginning about 4 times before I got the hang of it. Hopefully I can do the collar and the sleeves without a problem. I love the yarn as well. Hopefully within a couple of weeks I can finish it too....I have to many things on my list I wanna get to.
This is a pattern from Knitting Pure and Simple. I really think it is awesome. LOL..
I had a sock that I was working on for my 15 minutes a day project but I ripped it out. I knew it was too loose but I kept on going and after I turned the heel I finally smacked myself and said you know this is too loose why do you keep going? Do you really think it is going to miraculously tighten up on you? So, I have to start another project but haven't figured out which one yet.
I have a boat load of yarn that came in today. So my numbers this afternoon are not going to look very good at all.
Remember that cardigan I was working on for my mom? Well, I hated, hated, hated the yarn so I asked if I could find something else. That is what came in. So, now I get to start over on that, better after one piece than five I say.
So, off to figure out my totals for the yarn report.  I may have to go into hiding.
For more needle fun head on over to Judy's.


  1. I really like your hat pattern. The detail on the top is so pretty. Your sweater is going to be beautiful. Love the yarn.

    1. Thank you. I think the hat pattern is one of my favorites.

  2. Love your hat! Sounds like you made some tough decisions this week, but you'll be glad you did. Better to rip out and have something you love than to finish quickly and hate the end result!

    1. Good thing about knitting is that you still have the yarn. Unlike a mistake in quilting. I think my mom will like the new yarn much better.

  3. Ripping out is all part of the learning process, so they tell me. Love your hat and sweater. Looks like you are moving right along with your projects.