01 February 2016

Design Wall Feb. 1, 2016

It's a finish.

I quilted minimally this morning and just finished machine sewing the binding down. I originally had planned on more intricate quilting, or should I say just more straight line quilting in between the rows, but I changed my mind.

This is the quilt for my March Pre-cut Party. It is made with a Tonga 6-pack. Batiks are really not my cup of tea but this will become a gift for someone.

The backing -  I used stash. Went to by 10.5" cut square drawer and just pulled those puppies out of there. They don't necessarily match the front but it is stash used and looks like a two sided quilt. Which is a win win for me.

I machine sew quite a few bindings on. I save the hand sewn ones for smaller quilts and special ones. My hands have a hard time binding.

Minimal quilting but done.

Stash used on the back.

Since it is a snow day for everyone else but just an off day for me I will go sew and make the boys cook dinner and shovel. Sounds like a plan.

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