11 February 2016

Farmers Wife 30's - Feb Blocks

I finally stopped procrastinating and finished my last 2 blocks for February. It had nothing to do with the fact that I need them by next Saturday and I work 3 days next week either....nope...not at all.

It turned out the last 2 were rather easy compared to the one before that.

Sonnie (92) - paper pieced this little thing.
 There were some mighty small pieces in that 9 patch.

Prudence (87) - template.
I originally tried to paper piece but with those pesky set in seams I had to rethink.
Out came the template and that is the way I went. It still looks a little wonky but in the grand scheme of things I know it will be ok.

Jewel (46) - paper pieced and easy. Nice for a change

Milly (62) - Just some regular HST's. Although it does look a little busy but that is the way the pattern went. I just substituted pink where green was supposed to go.

I am now ready to move one to March blocks (well, maybe next week) lets just hope I have some more easy ones.  I now have 8/99 done. On a roll.


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  1. Happy for you not to putting the finishing of the quilting off till the end of a March! It is really worth doing it! You get an immense satisfaction from your work!