01 May 2012

Just keep cutting

This past weekend I ended up spending almost 2 days cutting kits and believe it or not I am still not done..I have to wait for some more fabric to come in.  I have been cutting Generals Wive and Cotton Club for the shop here at home.  I can say I am glad it is coming to an end.

I ended up cutting up 30 kits for Cotton Club (3 months worth). I just need the patterns and I can bag them up and they will forever be out of my house.

For Generals Wive's I cut a bagillion yards...well..ok it felt like it ...I had 10 king kits to cut (which was 50 yards of fabric), 20 setting kits (which was 100 yards of fabric), and 20 kits each for 3 months (don't want to figure out that fabric count).  So I can say I is tired of cutting...

It will be nice to finally have all of this fabric out of my studio...I won't know what to do with all of that room...well..maybe I do.

Don't they look snazzy, all ready and waiting to be tagged and bagged? Although if I must stay so myself it doesn't look like a lot of fabric that is for sure.



  1. Wow, that's a lot of cutting! Just have to ask -- are you "on the clock" when you cut all those kits?

  2. Technically yes... I get paid in yardage when cutting kits..it was easier..not that I need more fabric...lol

  3. That is an amazing amount of fabric!!! Are you tired of looking at it yet? LOL

  4. LOL..I was tired of looking at the fabric months ago...lets just say I used to like blue toille now..not so much