17 October 2014

A Sewing Post...really

Most of my sewing is not lately is not something that is done quickly. They are all BOM and various other versions. I remember the days when I pieced things quickly. One of these days I will be doing some more of that.

My sister asked me for another diaper bag as a gift out of Mickey Mouse Fabric. So after searching and finally finding the fabric at Hobby Lobby I was all set to go.

I usually make the Bow Tuck purse pattern and modify it a little bit. Not this time. I had to much stuff to do and not a lot of time, as usual, so I changed things up. I used the Tahoe Tote pattern and boy did it go quick. It only took a couple of hours. Now, to be honest it may have taken a little less time but lately I can't seem to read directions to well. Even though I read them a couple hundred times and felt in my gut I wasn't sewing it together right. I still did my own thing. I then of course had to rip out the last seam which of course is the most difficult. I had sewn the outside to the inside but backwards and upside down and who knows. I just know that when I was finally at the magical - pull the bag through whoo hoo step it was not right. Nothing like un-sewing a complete round of complex stitching. But, I finished.

As easy as bags are to make most of the time they are still not my favorite. I don't really know why.


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