17 October 2014

On the Needles 10/17/2014

I can't believe it has been so long since I last posted. I had grand plans and ideas then life gets in the way.

Hopefully, I will be back for good.

First things first. I did change my blog name and page etc.  it better matches up with all of my other things. So, now I am  knitnpiece.blogspot.com 

I have finished ton's of things but of course still not as much as I want.

Last night it was my Loopy Academy Cowl project. I used the Father Time pattern. Yarn is Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock  in Colorway Maple. I only ended up casting on 240 vs 300 stitches. I am going to say that was a design decision but in reality I lost my measurement somewhere and I was a tad to short. Oh well it still works. It ended up coming out about 5 inches wide so nice and cuddly when wrapped twice.

I guess I should have tried to get a better picture. One of these days I will improve.

For more needle fun head on over to Judy's.


I will have lots more to show I promise.