19 October 2014

Loopy Academy Hat

I am done with Freshman Year of Loopy Academy. Of course I blogged about these in reverse order of finishing them but oh well.

I love the yarn on this one it is super soft. I used Cascade Superwash Sport in Charcoal and it feels really nice. I ended up making the small slouchy but I think next time I will make the big one. I think my kiddos will like them better. This one fits Ryan well but I think he would like it slouchier.

I am getting better at adding patterns to my knitting and venturing a little farther out of my comfort zone with various stitches. If only I could knit quicker. I have too many things on my to do list.

I really need to find another way to take photos of these. This doesn't show them off really well.

Off to do more posting and labeling and knitting and sewing.


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