18 November 2010

Embroidered Towels

I finally got the last of my Christmas gifts done, well sewing wise anyway and of course it ended up not being everything I wanted to do but that is the way life goes at times. The only thing that stunk about making these was the amount of time it took. Each embroidery took at least 60 minutes with most in the 80-90 minutes, and I couldn't do anything else at the same time because I had to cut the thread at the end of each row or I had threads that I couldn't get to stuck underneath the words on the next line and it didn't look so swell that way.  But as my son says, it's all good, and they are done.

Sorry if the pictures didn't come out great, I finally got a new camera and I haven't taken the time to figure it all out. It took awhile to even get these downloaded. I told my husband to read the manual on it then he could show me everything I need to know. I mean between the two of us who has time to read a manual, not me I am getting ready for a mystery...well I could take the time but hmmm quilting or reading a manual.....I let you know which one wins.

I am all geared up and ready for the RRCB (Roll Roll Cotton Boll) mystery starting tomorrow. I already told my husband he is in charge of dinner all weekend.  The last thing I have to clear off my to do list is the lap/wall quilt for my niece. I have 6 squares left to stipple then the boarder then it is done, well other than the binding and the hanging sleeve. I think this one will get all the binding sewn on, it's not my favorite way but it is the quickest.  That way the only thing I will have to do will be hand sewing the sleeve down and that I can get done before Christmas I hope.


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