10 November 2010

Little Project - 2

I have been kind of procrastinating in the quilt room lately.  I have Christmas gifts that need to be done but for some reason I have no desire to do them.  Well I finally bit the bullet (kind of) and proceeded to get my trivets done...well almost...one is complete the other 10 just need the filling and to be sewn closed.

It is just a simple 12.5 square with 2 pieces of flannel on the inside.  I then sewed 6 tubes evenly across, filled with scented rice and sewed the opening closed.  The first one I did (which I forgot to take a picture of) was actually a fall one with a maple leaf on it.  I scented that one with a Chinese cinnamon. I gave it to my mother and the scent was so strong she had to put it outside, and for some reason the Chinese cinnamon smells way different than normal cinnamon but that was all I could find at the time.  The Christmas ones will be filled with lemon, lime or lemon/lime mix.  I love the smell of lemon and I love the fact that no matter how much lemon I use it isn't really that over powering, well to me anyway.

My goal is to finish the 10 I have left and then I have 10 tea towels to embroider and a baby top to quilt.  I really want all of this done before the Bonnie Hunter Mystery starts on the 19th, you would think that would be great motivation but so far it is not.  I really wanted all of that done and the quilt room straightened out.  Well I still have some time so here is hoping that I get r done.   I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and the kiddos and hubby are home for the day and then Friday I have a hair appointment.  Good thing is (maybe) that we are supposed to have snow all weekend so maybe that will ground me to the house and I may meet my goal.

Hope everyone gets a chance to sew.


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  1. Bright and simple, what could be nicer. Your people should be really pleased you thought enough of them to make it yourself.

    All the best, Sharyn