05 November 2010

Little Project 1 - Finished

The best laid plans don't always work out...I had planned on sewing the last two days but ending up running alot of errands. I did finally finish my small project the glue was still drying so I took a picture of it laying down.  I still have to add some non slip to the back.  I did have a few problems with it....I am not used to doing a running stitch and the thread I had available wasn't strong enough, but with a little extra oomph and bleepity blips I completed it.  How soon will I do another one? Well that may be a different story. 

I was hoping to get alot done tomorrow and I probably will just not necessarily sewing.  I have a light fixture for the dining room I have to help DH with, a new door lock for the garage door. Birds to clean, laundry to hang and beef jerky to make.  I am so hoping that I will still have time to sew.  I am getting farther and farther on Christmas gifts, I guess I shouldn't have procrastinated in the first place.  I have tea towels, pot holders, ornaments, and a few other things I have to embroider and everything has to be done 10 times. I also have a baby flimsy to baste and quilt.  I am so hoping to have everything done by the time the Quiltville mystery starts. I know that will throw me off track big time.  Guess it is time to put the pedal to the metal....well tomorrow anyway...getting caught up on DVR's tonight. 

Hope everyone gets a few minutes to sew this weekend.


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