15 August 2011

Chaos Reigns

I really am alive but choas has been reigning in our household. 

My youngest started tackle football so now there is 4 nights of practice a week, and then with school starting this week, my life is taking on a new meaning of busy.  Not counting the fact that I started working at one of the LQS's this week, dream job for sure. It has taken a little bit of getting used to but it is great.

I really think I am going to have a hard time with this.  I love football!!!! I make my husband a football widow, but....having your baby (10 years old) who barely weighs 60lbs playing tackle ......heart attack for sure.  He has his first real game on Sept 3....hope I live through it.

The Quilt Show  does their yearly taping of shows for the following year up in Boulder, CO.  Well my LQS, had some tickets for those who wanted to go. So for a small fee we all rented a bus to drive us up there.  It made for a really early morning, we had to be at the store by 545 AM, we drove up to Boulder and spent the day watching 2 episodes that were taped.  It was a blast.  I can say that if I have a chance to go up next year I will. I would love to take the whole week and go everyday but I think that would be pushing it.

We were able to see the taping of an episode with Debbie Caffrey and Charlotte Angotti, that focused on Mystery Quilts.  They were both polar opposites of each other but it was a hoot. We also received some of the books and a special ruler...tooo cool!

Our other episode we were able to see was thread painting by Nancy Prince.  If you ever get the chance to see her quilts in person do it.  They are just awesome, words can hardly describe the workmanship and the depth that these quilts have.

So now I have a billion more things I want to add to my to do list, like it isn't already long enough as it is.


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