25 August 2011

Sister's Choice

I finally took the time out to put my Sister's Choice on the design wall.  This is one of Bonnie Hunter's patterns from one of her books.  I used it as a leader and ender starting last year sometime and it has been sitting in a box waiting. After I put it up I realized I really didn't need to.  I could have just pulled my pieces together as I went and just made sure I didn't have two of the same fabrics next to each other.  It would have saved me from sweating that day since it was really hot.  Oh well...a lesson learned. 

I am now off to sew.  I have 3 samples I need to do for the store...thank goodness they just need the tops done.  Although I am thinking about quilting one of them.

I also have decided that Oct 1 is the day I start learning how to use my frame and my Baileys' Home Quilter.  I figure by then I should be caught up enough with my DJ and everything else I have going on.  Boy, sometimes I need a lot more hours in the day than I have...

Keep sewing,

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