26 August 2011

Quick Work

I finished two samples for the store yesterday afternoon.  I think I will go ahead and quilt the fall looking one.  So, even though I don't have much to show here I am getting things done.  I work today and Saturday and I have to take the dog to the Vet this morning. I don't think I will get much sewing in until Sunday. I am going to try and get the other sample done (Christmas this time) and then work on some more of my stuff.  I did start to Leader and Ender my sister's choice but in doing so I had to take a break from my bow tie blocks for the cheddar challenge.  Oh well, plenty of time.

This one looks wonkier in the picture than it does on the wall..hmmm.

Both of these quilts gave me a bunch of bonus HST blocks to I think I will trim those down and make a couple of blocks out of them to  put on the back of the quilts. Just more things to add to my to do list.

Have a great weekend,


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