05 February 2012

Clean Up Week Complete

It took me most of the week but I am done.

I had to spend two days cutting up misc block kits for the Pieceful Nights kits for work, these BOM were the reason I had all of the fabric bolts at my house.

I finally finished and have everything moved.  I would have already taken everything back to work but we had a major snow storm last week and I didn't feel like lugging 80+ bolts in the snow.  So now I just have a pile in the family room and in the corner of the studio.  I work 3 days this week so I will be lugging a trunk full of bolts and kits and scraps to work every time I go.

I am now done to less than 15 bolts at the house and those will be here until I am done cutting Generals Wives kits later this year. 

It's hard to believe that if I spend just a little bit of time everyday in the sewing room how much can be accomplished.

It was a great week.

Now to clear off the quilting frame and find some time to actually figure out how to use it.  Hmmm...maybe over spring break in March...that is a good reason to take a week off from work.


1 comment:

  1. Look at all those bolts! You are one lucky gal.