20 February 2012

Design Wall Monday 2/20/12

I was busy working on two projects but had to set them aside so that I could get those DJ blocks done.  I spent all day yesterday on them and I still have one left to sew and 3 left to applique so at least there was progress there. I work today but hopefully can spend tomorrow on my "want to do" projects.

I have been using the yellow and black as a leader and ender between my QOV 3 project.  So maybe I will actually have them both finished at the same time, that would really be nice.

This is my Box Step.  I cut this one out a while back and figured I need to get it done.  It doesn't have a particular place to go so that is kind of nice.

This is my QOV3...these were the strips I was cutting up here. I am hoping to get this one done in the by next weekend but around here who knows.  Doing 60 of these units took up a little more time than I thought.  I originally started making bonus HST's and that quickly lost its luster.  I figure I will just save all of those triangles for some string or pineapple blocks down the road.

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  1. Love that houndstooth fabric! Do you know the mfg and fabric line.

  2. I think the fabric is Michael Millers... MDC4151_Black

    Hope that helps...it is an older fabric.