17 February 2012

It's A Hoot (a finish and a start)

It's A Hoot is finished.  My first hand embroidery is finally done. I finished the block itself last week sometime. Then Friday it was a snow day so I stayed inside and finished the little top. I have been working on the binding for a couple of days now. I am a very slow binder...my thumbs can only handle a very little bit at a time so it is like molasses in winter ...very slow..but I do get them done.

If I would of thought about it I may not have used that lime green but I was intent on using stash only and that is what I had.  So it is done and it even has a sleeve sewn on the back.  When I get around to it I will actually order one of those small table top hangers for this one and then I can rotate them out with some others I have plans to make in the future.

So another finish on my list ...it may be small but it is a finish none the less.

Remember this....

Right out of the hoop..no ironing yet....

Here it is completed.  It even has a hanging sleeve.  I just remembered I still need to get some buttons for the inside of the flowers but they are over at my moms house, maybe this weekend I can go over and find something that will work.

It's really sad that it took me over 2 weeks to bind this little thing.  I just can't do much binding at a time because it really hurts my thumbs.  Oh well it is done.

I now have another one ready to go...how long will it take to finish who knows...

I am off this weekend and I hope to get alot done.  I do have to clean the house and get laundry done and yeah by them groceries....the kids for some reason think we need cereal and milk....go figure. 

Talk about procrastination..I have to spend some time this week finishing up my DJ blocks, class is on the 7th and I only have 2 done....aaggghhh

Sew long for now,


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