28 February 2012

Hand Embroidery Update

I finished my scissors Sunday night and started on my next little square.  I don't get to these as much as I would like since Dear Jane still needs a lot of hand applique. I have one more DJ block to finish before next week so I have been doing a little bit every night.  My thumbs can only handle so much.

My scissors right out of the hoop.

My next project on its way into the hoop.

Between Dear Jane, knitted baby blanket, crochet project and hand embroidery project I am surprised I can get anything done. Unfortunately, applique, crochet and embroidery I can only do for limited amounts of time due to painful thumbs.  Knitting on the other hand I can do for hours with no pain except in the butt from sitting.  I guess I might eventually get a lot of knitting projects done.

Off to sew.


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