25 October 2012


I'm crazy, I don't have anything else to do, I'm nuts...well the list could go on.

I fell in love with this quilt and of course since I am certifiably insane I figured I would do it.  I will try and forget Dear Jane, and Sylvia's and Year of Schnibbles, and the load of BOM I have, Bonnie Hunters mystery starts next month,  and all of the UFO's...I will start this quilt.  Well, I figured I would just start the cutting since it takes a bazillion pieces.

These are the starting scraps of my cutting frenzy.
I figured it could take me a year to cut the fabric even though I have 3 drawers of 2.5 inch strips. I would love to have no repeats of fabric as well. But, here's the catch...or the craziness. To make the quilt the size on the cover page (78.5 x 80.5) I need a total of 1560 squares which includes 281 sets of 5 matching squares plus some other sets, this equals 1560 squares.  Not to bad..but..I was kinda thinking of making this a king to replace the one on my bed now...so that means  470 sets of 5 plus other sets which equals 550 different fabrics and a whopping 2350 squares.
So this will be my pet project for the next  who knows how long. But that is ok. I have a tendency to make quilts that take forever and then squeeze some little ones in between.
But won't it look awesome when it is done.  I decided on a whatever approach and to use all of my fabric,originally I was going to stick with muted and Civil War types, I want a everything but the kitchen sink (well no Christmas) with Civil War, Batiks, Brights etc.  Wish me luck.

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