04 October 2012

My Dear Jane

Here are the blocks from my October class.  I now have to start on November...the never ending Dear Jane cycle. 

While going over the blocks in class I was again talking about those dreaded set in seams on the block. It will be the second pink one on the bottom left. I was stating that I can do them (the set in seams) I am just not very good at them and I don't like them.  Well...there are a lot of appliquers in the class so the response I received " Why didn't you just applique it then?"  I responded with a very simple " Duh!  I didn't think about it".  I can say that it would have probably been a whole heck of a lot easier that's for sure. Good thing I label myself as a facilitator rather than a teacher that is for sure.

At the end of class I realized that we were going to be doing a lot of triangles the last couple of months and no one really wanted that so I spent the morning rearranging the order of the remaining months so that we have at least 4 triangles and 6 regular blocks making life more simple.

Then I realized I only have 73 more blocks.....I know it still seems like a lot but when you figure you start with 225 that is nothing ( I am including both the blocks and the triangles).  I ONLY HAVE 73 MORE BLOCKS ...I should dance a jig...wait...I will save that for when I have less than 20 or maybe less than 10..I do know there will be a dance of epic proportions when the top is put together that is for sure.

Then I started thinking, which is dangerous in itself. Can I get this finished by the end of the year? That has been my goal but life keeps getting in the way. There is approximately 88 days left in the year.  That means less than one block a day..hmmm....I think I can...I think I can...

Yep, that is my goal for the year...finish this lovely top..then I can concentrate on Sylvia's.  I figure if Dear Jane is done then I can just whip through Sylvia's and then the only thing I have to do every month is my Schnibble'.  I can then concentrate on getting the stuff done I have put on hold and at the same time start cleaning, sorting, and packing for our move next summer.

I think I am off to work on Dear Jane.

Have a wonderful day,


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