04 October 2012

Oh Dear

That is my motto for the day.  I decided I would work on Dear Jane.  Then I remembered Dear Niece was going to be here.  OK..no worries.  Yeah..well...

First...off to print off my Dear Jane's I need for next month.  Well my Dear Jane program didn't want to work. Reboot 1 of the computer. 

Second..computer back up..Dear Jane software working, go to print..Dear Printer not working. Reboot 2 of the computer.

Third..computer back up,printer back up..Dear Jane and printer not working.. Reboot 3 of the computer.

Fourth...yeah everything back online and working...oh it is time to feed Dear Niece, Dear lunch...ok back to printing....oh look time for Dear Niece's Dear Nap....ok..good to go...off to sew.

Finally, I get a block ready to applique....oh Dear...I can't count...I need 6 petals but for some reason I only make 4...turn the iron back on finish the other petals...oh look Dear Niece is awake now...

Finally, second attempt...down to applique...Dear Niece is hungry...ok...snack time...back to applique...oh wait look at the time....Dear Dinner needs to be made for Dear Family....

OK..Now food is going, Dear Niece is situated and oh look the Dear Family will be home in 10 minutes.

Conclusion...all the Dearness in this house today has led to a long and not productive day but maybe just maybe after Dear Niece leaves I will have a few minutes to applique.  Question is will I have the energy.