01 October 2012

Design Wall Monday 10/1/2012

I have a finish..finally...yeah!!!!! So this is the only thing on/off my design wall other than that lovely Dear Jane and the lovely Sylvia.

I spent all day yesterday finishing this puppy up.  I had to sew the buttons on, fix the bees (which I still don't like to much), make the bees path, and machine sew the binding down (which I am still not that great at).  But it is done done done.

I only work 3 days this week plus a class (yeppers that dreaded Dear Jane) so I had planned on getting a lot done...but then I remembered...

My parents are out of town so I am the designated back up to get older niece to school and watch the younger niece.  So my plans are now to try to get something small done period.  My little niece is only 2 and a sweetie pie...I love having her and spending time with her but boy oh boy is she a busy little bee.  Oh well...I only 2 days the following two weeks and one class so I will have plenty of time them..I hope.

Have a great day everyone I am off to work.

For more design walls head on over to Judy's...I just love looking at what everyone is working on.  It seems like everyone gets more done than me.



  1. congrats on the finish!! Its amazing how the ending takes so much time isn't it. The quilt is lovely!

  2. What a great quilt!! Love the little bees buzzing around the bird, super sweet. Oh and will you look at that quilting, goodness that is just gorgeous.

  3. You deserve a quilt-related comment after the spammer!
    I like the colors in your autumn sampler. Congratulations on the finish!

  4. wonderful colors and love the little special touches with the birds. your very talented

  5. What a beautiful quilt. Looks like a lot of work and thought for the quilting. But I do know how great it is to be able to say DONE!

  6. That quilt is simply adorable, I love all the embellishment work you did on it -- are you keeping it for yourself? Boy, I sure would!

  7. Beautiful quilt, and so nice to be done. Enjoy the time spent with the little one.

  8. Pretty finish. Congrats. Now relax and play with the little ones until next week.