24 October 2012

I Have Been Busy

really....I have.  I just don't ever seem to have a lot to show for it. I finally finished my O's candy Little Bites so now I just have to quilt them both. Oh the someday list just keeps getting longer and longer.

I also took time to do something with a few blocks, uh more like what was supposed to be the whole quilt, that I had cut wrong and just sewed them together and put the other cut pieces into the scrap bin.  What it will be who knows. I will either put it in the back of some quilt or maybe make a small table topper for somebody or something.  The good news is that it is no longer taking up a spot on my sewing table. (Next time I will read the directions a little bit better)

I am now off to do some cutting of a new BOM for work, then to sew and maybe a few chores.

Have a great day everyone,


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