26 October 2012

On the Needles 10/26/2012

I haven't done a lot of knitting lately. I have either been appliqueing or reading...alot or reading. I started this sock over a month ago but finally decided to do a little bit here and there so I am making progress..just a little on the slow side. These are slouch socks and aren't as long as I thought but I added a couple of extra rows and figure they will work out for someone.  But, I am trying something new so that is what counts right?

I can say that my sock yarn stash has grown but my productivity has not.  We rearranged the family room for winter, I know weird huh, but we had to move the furniture around so that the fire place will spread its warmth more evenly. After doing that my recliner ended up kind of in the middle of nowhere and I had very little light. I ended up buying a new lamp so I hope that helps. Trying to do all of my stuff on the couch is not conducive to my well being. I don't sit on the couch properly so every part of my body will hurt after an extended period of time. Now, with the light I am back in business and I will be the warmest come winter because I am closest to the fire place. 

For more needle projects head on over to Judy's.

I am off to sew and maybe some more knitting tonight..it is a cold one here today..so not looking forward to winter..a lovely 25 outside right now.



  1. 25 degrees! BRRRRRR! Nice socks, I LOVE the color.

  2. nice socks I now what you mean about light and the right place to sit

  3. Love the color. Great lighting is hard to find here too.

  4. I love the sock color. Of course, I'm the Purple Queen in the area.! It does sound cold there. We were in the high 30's last night, but not freezing yet. Don't look forward to winter, except for the aspect of gaining more sewing/knitting time inside.