15 October 2012

Design Wall Monday 10/15/2012

I have been busy it just doesn't always seem like I am getting a bunch done. I have been working, a little bit more than planned but that is ok.

I did get my 10 blocks of Dear Jane done, almost, I still have the applique done. So now I am down to 63..YAY. I have Sylvia's class this week and those blocks are done as well. I get a "break" now since I don't have classes in December. Maybe, just maybe I will be able to get some more, a lot more done before the first of the year.  Who knows.

Yesterday I took a break from the those quilts and worked on a baby quilt for a friend of the family's daughter who is due in January. I decided to make a simple strip quilt as you go quilt. I did 20 strips yesterday and have 20 more to do this week. I just pooped out yesterday and called it quits. Of course that doesn't have anything to do with the block I had started first that I ended up doing wrong.  Nothing is worse than sewing 64 total squares with HST included and then the block coming out the wrong side..aggghhhh. 

We have our work party early this year, in November, and we do a block swap. So I decided to work on my 12" block and did the calculating and cut and sewed, and cut and sewed then once all completed it only came out to 11"...not good..so I decided I won't be doing that block and now have to come up with something new. Not fun for sure.

I also finished my Fat Quarter Shop BOM block this weekend as well. I am actually staying up with that one for a change.

The baby quilt is made out of a jelly roll of flannel, to be cuddly, but boy I forget how clingy flannel is.

For other design walls head on over to Judy's .  I love to see how much other people get done, makes me feel really slow for sure.
Have a wonderful day.


  1. The strip flannel QAG is looking very soft and cuddly! And your block is really lovely, even if it did come out smaller than you wanted!

  2. I like the jelly roll flannel baby quilt. It will be welcomed and loved to death, for sure. Your posted block looks great. Hope you didn't have to unsew that one.

  3. I love that fabric line for the FQ shop BOM...I just used it in the little quilt along piece I sewed.