05 June 2013

Cutting It Close

I really have been busy this past week. I procrastinated,  waited patiently until the mojo was right to start on my June Dear Jane blocks.

I did get them done as of 5 minutes ago. Class is in 3 hours so I did have a little time to spare. I blame it on my niece coming over to stay for awhile (she is 2 and very active), I have this thing called work (granted it is only 4 hours a day a couple of days a week), and Camp Loopy.  This is the one that will be the death of my.  I am a very slow knitter, think turtle in molasses in winter, and I am on a time table, which doesn't help, and then not knowing how to tink these stitches when I accidentally experiment on a new pattern in the middle of the one I am working on. Needless to say I did have to rip the whole thing out and start over which put be behind quit a few inches.

Well, back to DJ.  I did get my blocks finished for this month and the bestest news in the world is I only have 9 more to go then I can sew this puppy together and be done with it for awhile. Who knows it may never me quilted. Bad news is most of the blocks I have left are a lot of applique and a couple I have been avoiding just because.

Ironically I sewed 8 of these blocks in two days. Day one I sewed 4 then appliqued them. Day 2, I sewed the parts together from day 1 appliques and then sewed 4 more and appliqued them. There was a lot of applique to and my hand paid the price of it. I just had a hard time getting down here to do the other two. Guess that is why I found 2 quick blocks (thank goodness I had a few left) and not 2 more triangles like I wanted.

Well, now I am off to cut some kits and then get ready for class. Tonight I have to knit, knit, knit.

Hope to get more done this week though, since I don't have to work again until Monday.

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