23 June 2013

Loopy Groupie

After purchasing my yarn for month 2 of Camp Loopy I became a Loopy Groupie.  Yeah!

I received a wonderful project bag, a little bag of goodies with a bookmark pattern, some Soak, tape measure and a wonderful skein of yarn..oh yeah tootsie rolls too.

I am doing another scarf, still the safest for me right now, and am using a solid aqua color we shall see how this one turns out.

Cascade UltraPima in Aqua.
I will be making the Gathered Scarf. This one will also have new to me stitches so we will see how that goes.
Camp Loopy Project 1-13 is blocking right now.  Hopefully I will get a picture tonight and be able to load up to the Loopy Ewe and be here later this week with it.
Off to sew..or maybe browse Ravelry.

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