24 June 2013

Design Wall Monday 6/24/13

My DW isn't anything exciting this week. I have 5 more blocks done for Sylvia's Bridal Sampler and that is about it.
Bears Paw

Bow Tie

Mother's Delight

Old Maids Puzzle

I have 2 columns of Sylvia's done but I will be frogging those as well. I don't like the sashing so I am going to redo it. Another thing to add to my to do list.

I have to get 9 more blocks done for my Dear Jane and I am finished..just have to put the last little bit together. Unfortunately I have to do some frogging first. I had almost all 4 borders done but realized I totally messed up the color order so now they all have to come apart. I already finished one side only three left and then 18 blocks to sew into rows and add the borders and the Dear Jane will be completed.  I can so totally not wait.

I haven't been sewing much and other than have to get done's I probably won't be. I can't seem to sew a lot and also Camp Loopy a lot. So I will be camping much more than sewing this summer.

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  1. I like your blocks, esp. Mother's Delight. Sorry for all the frogging you need to do but I'm sure you'll be happier having things the way you want rather than the way it happened to be put together when the brain wasn't engaged!

  2. I love your Sample blocks and any progress is something to shout about!! Take care.

  3. Adding the sashing as you go will help once you are done with all your Blocks. How many do you have made now? I need to do that with my #2 SBS. Camping is FUN Too!