28 June 2013

On The Needles 6/28/13

I have been busy knitting for a change. As a matter of fact that is all I have wanted to do which is no good for my Dear Jane or any other sewing for that matter.

I finished my Camp Loopy project 1...

I then finished my first Antartic sock, it is just a plain sock. This was my one attempt at the pooling challenge, which didn't work. Ironically this sock is supposed to pool. Not.

I will spend this weekend working on Dear Jane and then my mom's Kimono cardigan. I told her she may get it by Christmas 2017 at the rate I knit, but it's the thought that counts right.

For more knitty goodies head on over to Judy's.



  1. Beautiful scarf, beautiful sock! Your Dear Jane blocks reminds me of my Farmer's Wife blocks. I think I should just take whatever I have and sew them together. I don't think I'll ever go back to it...

  2. great scarf and pic! the sock does look warm

  3. I had trouble with pooling also, and those socks are in timeout. The fall issue of Vogue magazine has an interesting article on pooling. Have you seen it?