18 January 2016

Design Wall January 18,2016

I started an applique project. It is really hard to take time to do it since I am usually knitting or my hands can't do it for a long period of time. I really do enjoy it though.

I prepped this block last week and finished it Saturday night. I now have to prep the next one (note...cut back on the glue).

The fabric is from Little House on the Prairie and the pattern is from one of Kim Diehl's books. I have 3 more sections to do like this one and then I can put the quilt together.

I need to hurry up. I already have my next applique project planned.

Head on over to Judy's for more inspiration.

Off to prep....I hope.


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  1. Handwork hurts my hands too. This is why I stopped hand quilting. Good luck with your prep work.